Israel Trip

Israel Trip

May 13, 2019

Pastor Bill will provide a Biblical perspective as we visit different sites. Imagine, standing in front of the house where Jesus told the lame man to take up his bed and walk. Singing praise and worship to our Lord on the Sea of Galilee. View the Canaan Gate where Abraham walked through and saw the Promise land for the first time and God was standing there with him. Be baptized in the Jordan River by Pastor Bill. Stand at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Go underground and see the original Western Wall. Visit Megiddo and view Armageddon. Venture inside the City of David and see King David’s Palace and visit his tomb.

This is a once in a lifetime trip. This is not your typical vacation. This is a pilgrimage to Israel. You will have the opportunity to see and learn things you never knew before about the life of those we have only read about in the Bible. There is an extensive amount of walking in the heat. Please make sure you are able to walk on rough terrain and are in good health.

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